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We have lots of videos that are dedicated to fixing the faults that most golfers have

PGA Professional Richard Lawless in action coachng

Slices, Hooks & Shanks

At some stage in your game things are going to go wrong. It happens to all of us…even the Pro’s.

But rather than try and fix it yourself and cause some frustrations; check in here and we will help you fix all manner of golf ailments.

From Slices, to Hooks or even the dreaded Shanks…we’ve got something for every one and as no one-size fits all, we have made tons of different drills for each issue.

So this section is dedicated to helping you get back to normal and carry on enjoying the game

Coaching Courses

How To Fix A Slice Golf Coaching By Fore King Golf
How To Fix A Shank Golf Coaching By Fore King Golf
How To Fix A Hook (6 Simple Tips)


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