A Word About Equipment Before You Buy A Driver

by Steve | Last Updated: 15 April 2021

There are plenty of drivers on the market. 

Finding the right one is a bit of a mind field but it can be an enjoyable journey to find it.  I will suggest to work on your swing first though. 

I’ve seen it all too often that a player will get a driver or club fitting before building a solid swing.  Build the swing then go for a fitting.

Knowing your club head speed will also help you to choose a golf ball that is the correct compression to match your speed and get the best performance from it.  

If you are just getting started then make sure you read our article about buying your first driver

Happy Golfing

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Steve King, the founder of Fore King Golf, started playing golf at the tender age of 29, after years spent playing many other sports and getting dodgy knees. Although late to the game, Steve soon fell in love with the sport and found himself, like many others, addicted to the pursuit of improvement and playing better. He is currently a member of The Kendleshire Golf Club & Hercules Golf Society, as well as running several competitions for Fore King Golf