Can Golf Cart Keys Be Duplicated?

Can Golf Cart Keys Be Duplicated?

Golf cart keys can be a pain when they break off in the ignition or get lost.

The average golfer will likely go through a couple of golf cart keys during the lifetime of their cart ownership, and it can sometimes be expensive to replace them when they have been lost.

You may have heard of people who are able to duplicate car key fobs, but is this something that’s possible with golf carts too? Let’s find out

A Golf cart key can be duplicated, either by a locksmith or by a Golf Cart Manufacturer or Retailer. Duplication is made easier for the key cutter if you have the original key to make the copy from.

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A Golf cart key can be duplicated and there are two different ways to go about this, both of which have their own challenges

The first option would involve trying to find someone who has the right equipment to make an exact copy of the original key (this may take time).

The other choice is going back over where you purchased your golf cart from in order to try and get them to replace or duplicate the key (this process will probably be much quicker).

Go To A Locksmith To Get A Replacement Golf Cart Key

There are Locksmiths with access to specialised tools that can create copies of keys like this – but these individuals are few and far between.

It might take some time before someone with such skills becomes available in your area; but don’t give up hope!

Go To A Main Dealer To Get A Replacement Golf Cart Key

If you’re looking for a quicker solution, then we recommend contacting your local dealer.

As they should have all the necessary equipment on hand, so they’ll likely be able to help straight away.

Do You Have The Original Key

It is best to take your golf cart Key with you when having it duplicated

This is because the duplicate will be made from a mould of your original, so it’s best to have an accurate representation.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Golf Cart Key Duplicated

The process of duplicating golf cart keys can vary depending upon where you live, how quickly you need it and of course how much you want to spend.

In some cases there are specialist key companies which offer a service at prices ranging from $85-$150 per set with turnaround times varying between 24-48 hours.

These typically cost more than those offered through dealerships or locksmiths but may be faster if you’re in need for immediate assistance (especially during peak seasons).

If your original has been lost then it will likely take longer and cost more.

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Are Golf Cart Keys Universal

Golf Cart Keys come in universal sets for each manufacturer with only a few exceptions.

In some instances, Golf cart Keys are able to be used on multiple Golf Carts. This is sometimes the case at a golf club where they have a fleet of carts and it’s easier for both them and their members to use the same key and barrel for each vehicle.

Its can also be true of golf carts made by the same manufacturer.

Can You Start A Golf Cart Without A Key

If you have lost your key, or it’s been broken, you may be tempted to try and start the cart with out a key.

Basically hot wiring it.

Cut the ignition cables, strip the plastic off and then touch the two wires together to cause the engine to turn over without ignition.

This is possible to do, but it may cost you more to repair the ignition than you want to pay, compared to a replacement key.


It is possible to get a Golf Cart Key duplicated and there are several places you can get this done, either at a locksmith or a golf cart specialist.

I would recommend having a spare cut before you actually need it, as this will help you avoid any stress or inconvenience of not being able to use your golf cart while you wait for a new set of keys.

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