Drive For Show

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the first of our ‘Online Golf  Coaching Courses’, the first being called Drive for Show which is all about helping players of all abilities become more consistent with their Drivers.

There are still a load of things to do before we have everything ready, but it’s all looking good so far.

Anyway I spent a day at The Belfry Golf Club today looking at some of the most famous holes in Golf, I was stood on the 10th Tee, on the Brabazon Course  which Seve so famously drove in 1978 using a Persimmon Driver.

I wonder if any of today’s touring pro’s could manage the same feat, it would be interesting to see if they could.

Either way the 10th hole really has an aura about it and I wish I’d had my clubs with me to have a go at driving the green.

Former Ryder Cup player, Ken Brown said, “it is one of the great holes of golf in a match play situation – the green nestles between the lake and mature trees to provide a memorable and picturesque setting-it provides the possibility of birdies, eagles or disasters”

The Brabazon Course at The Belfry has etched itself on European golfing history.

As a venue of four Ryder Cups its Championship pedigree is something which cannot be matched anywhere in the world. With all the drama and spectacle that the Ryder Cup brings, the opportunity to recreate magic moments of Ryder Cup history with Christy O’Connor Jnr’s 2-iron on the 18th or countless attempts to drive the 10th hole are just two of the reasons why thousands of golfers every year play this superb course.

While I was at the course I noticed a few golfers braving the poor weather, but I was surprised to see that a few of the Players were dressed in their summer gear.

As we all know Winter Golf can be a nightmare for even the hardiest of Weekend Golfers, so making sure that you have the right equipment is essential to helping you get around the course while still enjoying your game.

Quite often we see people going out to play in the wind and rain, without any of the wet weather clothing that you would expect to see.

OK – so we know this stuff isn’t always cheap, but if you have played golf for a long time or you plan to, then you really owe it to yourself to make sure that you get the best clothing that you can afford.

Also if you get it right first time and buy some decent kit, it will work out cheaper in the long run because it will last for longer.

keep your eyes open as Drive For Show will be here in the next three or four weeks.

Until then….

Happy Golfing


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