Do Metal Brushes Damage Golf Clubs?

Do Metal Brushes Damage Golf Clubs?

Metal brushes are not as effective at cleaning golf clubs as nylon brushes.

Using a metal brush can cause damage to the club’s finish and grooves. Metal bristles can be too stiff and may scratch the club’s surface, which will affect the performance of your club when you use it in play.

Using A Brush To Clean Your Golf Clubs

If you have a golf brush, then you probably know it’s not just for getting dirt off your clubs.

It can also be used to get the mud and debris out of the grooves on your club heads. It’s especially helpful if you don’t want to use anything like a tee that may scratch up your expensive equipment.

In order to keep your clubs looking their best, it’s good to clean them with a brass or nylon bristled brush if your clubs are made from steel, titanium, or both materials because these brushes will leave them unscratched while still cleaning away any debris in the grooves.

Metal Bristles Or Nylon Bristles

The bristles of a golf brush should be soft enough to remove dirt from the club but stiff enough that they don’t bend or break.

Metal bristles can be too stiff and may scratch the club’s surface while plastic ones are not strong enough to dislodge debris.

Metal brushes are not as effective at cleaning golf clubs as nylon brushes

You need a brush with bristles made out of nylon, which is sturdy yet flexible for easy cleaning. Nylon bristles are softer and more gentle on your clubs’ finish

Use A Specialist Golf Club Brush Made By Prowithlin

Golf Club Brush and Golf Club Groove Cleaner 2 in 1, 2ft Retractable Zip-line Metal Buckle and Retractable Sharp Pick, Multifunctional Brush Head with Nylon and Wire Bristles (Black and Red Upgraded)

Retractable Sharp Pick

The prowithlin Golf Club Groove Cleaner designed with a retractable sharp pick is for safe storage when not in use. The sharp groove cleaner for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves brings you the optimum spin on the ball and best contact.

Multifunctional Brush Head

The prowithlin Golf Club Brush is outstanding from the average item on the market due to its multifunctional design.

In addition to the retractable sharp pick design, it also has nylon and steel wire bristles. Wire bristles are for shinning your iron cleaning and Nylon bristles are for wood cleaning.

Blazing Fast Access

2ft long retractable zip-line metal buckle allows you to attach the cleaning tool to the golf bag effortlessly for convenient access when walking on course. Keep the golf driver new all the time.

Ergonomically Designed Golf Accessories

We focus on using experience, we dedicated to design the best handle grip which is made from soft polymer material for minimizes hand pressure. It is lightweight to carry and durable for long-term usage.

Multiple Usage

Not only can you used it for golf club cleaning, but can for spike cleaning. Spike for cleaning deep in the grooves and golf shoes helps you a better performance in putting.

Other Types Of Brushes You Can Use

Without a golf club cleaner, how can you get your precious clubs all shiny and new again?

Cleaning them with anything else might scratch them up.

Luckily there are plenty of DIY options out there that will leave your clubs looking like they were just purchased from the store!

A nylon bristled brush is the perfect tool for getting into those hard-to-reach spots.

But you don’t have to buy a specialised golf brushes; just use any nylon bristle brush and scrub away! For example you could also use a Toothbrush or a Fingernail Brush

Other Ways To Clean Your Golf Clubs

There are a few different things you can use to clean rust of your golf clubs. These are few you may like to try

Baby Wipes or Wet Wipes

This is what I use to clean my own clubs after a round. It’s amazing how easy the dirt in the grooves comes out.

It leaves them smelling nice and fresh afterwards too, which is a Brucie Bonus


Use WD 40 and rub with a cotton bud

Gun Oil

Once cleaned treat your clubs with a coating of Youngs 303 gun oil. It’s a lovely smell.


White Vinegar cuts through dirt and grime and the affect it has always make me weary of putting it on my chips.

If like me you thought it’s the same Malt Vinegar, you should know that it’s better to use White Vinegar

No chemical Approach

If you’re not into using any chemicals then you can simply use water and give the clubs a rub with a wire brush and then dry them.

You don’t even need to use water, you can do this dry too, which is what I do on the course while I am playing.


The right golf brush will help remove dirt and debris from the grooves of your club heads. Brass bristles are designed for cleaning, not scratching.

You can find a wide variety of brushes on the market that offer different levels of scrubbing power, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs.

A good brush will last for years and save you money by preventing expensive repairs or replacements down the line.

Plus, it’ll make playing more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about dirt getting into the grooves and causing problems with your shots!

We also recommend using a soft cloth or towel with soap and water.

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