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2016 Danny Willett Wins The Masters


Watch the complete final round broadcast of the 2016 Masters.

Danny Willett shoots a final round 67 to win by three strokes over Jordan Spieth and Lee Westwood.

Danny Willett’s Triumph and Jordan Spieth’s Collapse: The 2016 Masters Tournament

The 2016 Masters Tournament, the 80th edition of this prestigious golf championship, will forever be remembered as a defining moment in the history of the sport.

Held from April 7 to April 10 at the iconic Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, this tournament delivered intense drama, unexpected twists, and a new champion in the form of Danny Willett.

Let’s revisit the unforgettable events that unfolded during this tournament, highlighting the remarkable victory by Willett and the astonishing collapse of defending champion Jordan Spieth.

Jordan Spieth’s Dominance

The story of the 2016 Masters Tournament began with Jordan Spieth’s incredible display of skill and consistency.

From the very first round, Spieth surged ahead and quickly built a substantial lead, capturing the hearts of golf enthusiasts worldwide.

By the time Sunday’s back nine arrived, Spieth had a comfortable five-shot lead and seemed destined to claim back-to-back Masters titles.

The Unthinkable Collapse

However, what followed was nothing short of astonishing and heart-wrenching for Spieth and his fans.

Over the next three holes, Spieth’s game unraveled, and he lost a staggering six shots to par.

The turning point came at the 12th hole, where Spieth’s tee shot found the dreaded Rae’s Creek not once, but twice, leading to a painful quadruple-bogey.

This dramatic setback marked one of the most significant collapses in Masters history and left everyone in disbelief.

Danny Willett’s Triumph

Amidst the chaos and tension, Danny Willett quietly and steadily rose to the occasion.

With nerves of steel, Willett crafted a bogey-free round of 67 on that fateful Sunday.

His exceptional performance allowed him to overtake Spieth as the leader faltered on the back nine.

Willett’s victory was historic in more ways than one.

He became the first European to win the Masters since 1999 and the first Englishman to achieve this feat since the legendary Nick Faldo in 1996.

The End of an Era

The 2016 Masters Tournament was also significant as it marked the final appearance of former champion Tom Watson.

Watson, a beloved figure in the world of golf, bid farewell to Augusta National with grace and class.

His career had been nothing short of remarkable, and his presence at the tournament was a poignant reminder of the rich history and traditions that make the Masters a unique and cherished event.

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