Core Strength In The Golf Swing

Being strong enough to control the position of the body’s mid section whilst at set up and during the swing is a great way to help your technique. 

Without good stability your movement can become very out of control with loss of spine angle and positions leading to very erratic and inconsistent shots. 

A strong core also helps to increase your distance.  Rotational speed can be improved without trying any harder.

Want to test your core strength?

Try standing on one leg with you hands on your head. 

Once balanced shut your eyes.  

PGA Pro Richard Lawless showing a core strength balance test

With regular practice at this you will be able to increase the time you can hold your balance. 

This will also activate not only your core muscles but engage your ankle muscles. 

Strong ankle muscles are certainly needed to help you to support your lower body movement throughout and aid in supporting most of your body weight on your leading foot as you reach your finish.

Happy Golfing

Rich and Steve Signature Image