The Bunker Shot Finish Position

The Bunker Shot Finish Position

I’m just going to go through the actual finish position when you make the shot.

Now we’ve talked about the stance on the left foot being turned out, knee being turned out to stabilises everything, now that actually give you clearance as well with this left side.

So as the club comes through. It kind of keeps the leading edge, still looking at the target, so it hasn’t closed itself over and lost any loft,

so it’s got more chance of working that bounce underneath the ball and actually getting the ball going out and releasing maybe just a touch on the straight side, so you can start to hold more bunkers.

So work the club underneath, so you can see that leading edge is kind of still pointing up to the sky.

So remember, depending on the lie. Change how we approach the shot.

OK, so in that finished position, you can see my left wrist. It’s got quite a bit of bend in there.

So I’ve actually worked the club under, you can see the wrist starting to bend, which means I have worked that bounce underneath the ball. I’ve got some nice bend in there.

OK, so that’s quite key, you don’t want to keep that left wrist too firm, otherwise the club is going to have less loft applied to the ball on impact. So you’ve got to work the bounce underneath the ball.

So you’re really kind of working the club this way, and see that wrist bend, the left wrist working underneath.

As long as you keep the weight on the left side.  Work the bounce and that will apply plenty of loft and the ball will float out nicely.

This is quite a key element, wrist movement doesn’t want to be too stiff and remember with a soft grip pressure generally, only when the lie is really bad we might need to tighten the grip,

we can actually, the soft grip will actually enhance that, enhance working the club underneath the ball. find plenty of loft and you’re going to see some great results, from Greenside bunkers