Controlling The Distance Of A Bunker Shot

There are three key elements to controlling the distance out of the bunker and how much power you create,

The first is really length of swing,

The longer you swing back the more energy you are going to create on the way through and you will send the ball further.

The next factor is grip pressure.

I like to make sure that grip pressure is only maybe three or four out of ten.  So it’s quite light really.

The tighter you grip it, the more energy you are going to get through the shot.

So maybe if the ball is completely plugged, a tight grip is good, to get the club down to the bottom of the ball.

If it’s a general good lie there’s no need to grip the club tight.

Thirdly, is the speed of motion.

The faster you move through the swing the further the ball is going to go.

So if you have a really nice lie, go with a wide stance. Which flattens out the swing plane, so we’re going to take less sand.

Less resistance of the sand means the ball is going to travel further, as the sand won’t eat up the energy of the club-head as it travels through the sand.

If I have got a long bunker shot, with a nice lie, I’ll use a wide stance, and all I’m going to do is increase the speed of my motion and the ball is going to go much further.

You’ll see this on my first shot which has gone to the back of the green.

With a nice lie again, the same motion, just a little bit softer and a little bit slower, the ball comes out maybe 10 yards,

So if I want a really, really small shot.

again with a nice lie, all I need to do is even softer, maybe just make the swing a little bit shorter now.

And it comes out softly

so with a nice lie, we are really only changing the speed of motion or the length of swing, keeping my grip pressure light each time.