Set Up In The Bunker

The Bunker Set up from face-on, you’ll notice that stance is fairly wide, I’ll go in to that in a moment, but primarily my left foot, my front foot is actually turned out, it’s splayed outward.

So it’s not square on. It’s actually facing more towards the target. Now, the knee actually goes with it,  so  your knee line follows the toe lines.

The ball is forward in the stance.

I’m going to wriggle my feet in slightly just for nice stability, but I’m going to lean my body weight forward in to this leg

Now, that will actually stabilise the leg and hip.

So when I swing back, you get very minimal movement in here so the bunker swing becomes arm and upper body orientated.

If you move your legs around the more chance you’ll probably dip into the shot or lift up and miss-hit it.

So keep the left foot splayed out, knee out as well following the toe lines, and that will stabilise the hips, ready to make the shot.

So you can see if you’re just relying on upper body, and arms and hands. I actually get quite a lot of wrist hinge when I make a swing.  That’s fine.

There’s no need to move this around, if you move the lower body around especially, we get very inconsistent results, possibly very big miss hits when the club is coming in too early into the sand, or too late, we catch the ball going thin into the face or thirty yards over the green.

So make sure left foot is splayed out nicely and that will ensure that we get good stability, get better contact with the shot and hit some great bunker shots.