Playing A Poor Lie In The Bunker

In this video you will see that I have got a lie that is just a little bit buried,

OK, the ball is maybe this much down into the surface of the sand. This is a quite common lie.

I’m just going to narrow my stance a little bit.

So now I am going to get a bit of resistance from the sand.

The club is going to be coming in a little bit steeper.

Remember my stance is a little narrower. The swing is going to be taking a little bit more sand.

So I’m going to have to make sure I give this a little bit more energy to get the ball going maybe a 10 yard shot.

OK, so I’ve just given it that little bit more, the grip pressure was probably just increased. Just a touch.

Remember I’m going to get lots of resistance from the sand

So a little bit of grip pressure, a little bit increase in speed of motion, slightly steeper swing, gets me a good result.

So again, if I have got a lie that is a little bit sat down again, and I want to play a soft shot.

Same thing. Narrow the stance, this time I will make the swing fairly short. With grip pressure just slightly increased.

The ball comes out fine.

If I want to now play a longer shot.  Again It’s slightly buried.

Narrow stance.

I am going to make the swing a little bit longer.

We probably give it the same force as I gave the last one, and this shot makes  it to the back of the Green.

So, again, you see when the lie is bad, you’re just changing the power elements, maybe gripping a bit tighter, getting a little bit steeper.

You know this is going to make you take more sand and more sand means more resistance, which means you have to give it more energy to get to the target.