Alignment In The Bunker

First thing I need you to know about bunker play is you need to keep it as simple as possible, alignment is a big factor.

It’s quite common for people to stand very open to a shot.

So I’ve just got an alignment stick on the floor here, and I’ve actually put that parallel to where I’m going.

In the past a lot of golfers have played with an open stance, aiming off the the left of the target (I’m going for this middle pin)

I would suggest you keep yourself nice and square, it keeps it simple.

Start adding these extra elements in of opening the stance, you have to then readjust the club-face to compensate for that,

which can all be quite dangerous, applying different amounts of loft, coming in at different angles, slicing across the ball, which is one thing we’re going to get into, is actually putting on a nice roll on the ball.

When it lands on the green, it rolls out pretty straight, not too much, but just nice and straight doesn’t have too much side spin on it, which sort of cuts the ball away and takes it away.

So you can actually learn to actually hole much more bunker shots. 

Ok if the ball is releasing out. It’s got more chance if you choose a nice line, the dropping in the hole.

So by standing square, you’re setting yourself up for this already. So we’ll get onto that a little bit later.

But initially, just try and get used to standing square on to the shot, OK?

Maybe a little bit more knee flex, but square on, keep it simple and we can start to put some straight spin on the ball so we can hold more bunker shots.