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1968 Bob Goalby Wins The Masters


Watch the complete final round broadcast of the 1968 Masters.

Bob Goalby defeats Roberto De Vicenzo by a single stroke after De Vicenzo signs an incorrect scorecard, giving him a 4 rather than a 3 on No. 17.

Although the original broadcast was in color, the archival footage is in black and white.

The 1968 Masters Tournament was the 32nd one ever held, taking place from April 11 to 14 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. This prestigious event attracted some of the best golfers of the time, and the competition was fierce.

The Victory of Bob Goalby

Now, let’s talk about the man of the hour: Bob Goalby. He was a skilled golfer, and this tournament would be the moment of his career.

In the final round, he delivered an amazing performance on the back nine. He birdied the 13th and 14th holes and then pulled off an incredible eagle on the 15th, scoring a remarkable 66, which is 6 under par. This brought his total score to 277, a stunning 11 under par.

The Shocking Turn of Events

At first, it seemed like there would be a playoff between Goalby and Roberto De Vicenzo, the reigning British Open champion.

However, a shocking mistake changed everything. De Vicenzo accidentally signed an incorrect scorecard, stating he had a par 4 on the 17th hole instead of a birdie 3 that he actually got. His playing partner, Tommy Aaron, marked it as a 4 as well, and De Vicenzo didn’t catch the error.

According to the rules, the higher written score on the golfer’s card must stand, and this error gave Goalby the championship.

De Vicenzo’s response was a heartwarming, “What a stupid I am.” It goes to show that even the best make mistakes sometimes.

More Surprises on the Course

There were even more surprises in this tournament. Goalby himself discovered a scoring error on the card he was keeping for Raymond Floyd, his playing partner in the final round. He had marked Floyd down for a par-3 on the 16th hole when Floyd had actually bogeyed it. This small correction changed the final standings.

Other Golfing Legends

The 1968 Masters Tournament also featured some of the greatest golfers of all time. Jack Nicklaus, one of the sport’s legends, tied for fifth place, and Gary Player, who was leading after the third round, finished tied for seventh.

A newcomer, Lee Trevino, caught everyone’s attention. He was only 28 years old and finished tied for seventh after three rounds. Unfortunately, a tough back nine during the final round put him back, but little did we know he would go on to win many more major titles, including the 1968 U.S. Open.

Arnold Palmer’s Unexpected Outcome

Lastly, Arnold Palmer, a four-time Masters champion, had an unexpected turn of events. In his fourteenth Masters at the age of 38, he missed the cut for the first time at Augusta. He faced some challenges on the course, and this marked a surprising moment in his illustrious career.

The Par 3 Contest

Before the big tournament, there was the Par 3 contest, a fun event. Bob Rosburg won it with a score of 22. Claude Harmon, at the age of 51, pulled off two consecutive aces (holes in one) at the fourth and fifth holes, but he tied for third in the end.

So, there you have it, the incredible story of the 1968 Masters Tournament, filled with twists and turns that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Golf truly is a game of surprises, and this tournament proved it in every way.

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