Picture saying The Ultimate Guide To Golf Club Length

The Ultimate Guide To Golf Club Length

I’ve bought my fair share of golf clubs over the years. Along the way I did a tonne of research into how to size a golf club, and in this guide I’ll explain exactly how to do it.

Three Golf Swing Release Techniques

Three Golf Swing Release Techniques

Any golfer knows they will have good days and bad days on the course and the key to playing well is consistency in your swing, and an important part of that is swing release.

Can You Putt For Dough

Can You Putt For Dough?

It’s an expression that most golfers will recognise and yet many handicap golfers spend very little time practising their putting.

A Picture asking 'Plastic tees or wooden Tees'

Plastic Vs. Wooden Tees: What Works Best

If you talk golf with another golfer and the conversation turns to wooden tees versus plastic tees, most players will probably die inside due to boredom. It’s not the most exciting topic but it is worth a consideration when you buy tees.

Will That Golf Club Rust

Will That Golf Club Rust?

Of all the things you could read about in golf, you’ve chosen to read about rust. I agree it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but I promise to do my best and not make this as exciting as it sounds.

Do Golf Bag Tubes Work

Do Golf Bag Tubes Actually Work?

Using Tubes can also help you keep the shafts of the club in mint condition because these damaging elements, if severe enough, could induce structural damage to the shaft, causing it to snap.

Golf Buggys Parked in A Line

Will Rain Ruin A Golf Cart Charger?

Rain will not ruin a waterproof golf cart charger. However, a standard charger made out of metal and left to weather continuously in the rain will be susceptible to rust, and if the interior is water-logged, the circuitry may fail.

What Makes A Good Golf Coach

21 Things That Make A Good Golf Coach

A good coach will ask questions, listen, plan your goals, keep things simple, and not try to fit you into a text book version of how they see the golf swing.