Benefits for Children Playing Golf

With the advent of golf superstars like Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods, golf has definitely ratcheted up in terms of popularity, with lots of kids now trying out the game for themselves.

Whether you’re hooking your child up with a summer golf program, a one-on-one tutor, or teaching your child yourself, you should know that there are plenty of benefits of your child playing golf.

Etiquette and Life Instruction

One feature that makes golf unique as a sport is the sense of etiquette and overall standard of good behaviour that many other sports lack. When kids learn about the core standard of the game, kids can use this kind of good etiquette in their lives both on and off the green.

What also makes golf unique is that it can be played both alone and in competition with others.

When kids play alone, it allows them to think and act on their own behalf, using good judgement and strategic skills independently.

Playing with others also has benefits, as kids learn how to compete with others in a way that is honest, respectful, and sportsman-like.

College and University Benefits

The benefits of learning golf can also have a monetary value.

If your child grows up through high school to enjoy and sharpen his golf skills, he could be eligible for various scholarships.

Keep in mind that scholarships from colleges and universities aren’t the only ones that offer golf scholarships.

Golf events sponsored by various associations and companies also give out scholarships as prizes.

Golf equipment brands, local country clubs and golf associations, and philanthropic organisations all give various monetary prizes that go towards your child’s education.

Also, acquiring such scholarships doesn’t always depend on your child’s skill. Sometimes being an active golfer and community member who gets good grades is all it takes to be considered for scholarships.

Social Time with Family and Friends

Some sports, such as football or basketball, may not be so friendly towards the idea of the entire family playing together, simply because of the rules and how they’re played.

Golf, on the other hand, can bring the whole family together.

Even if you’re simply on a mini golf course, a friendly competition with your family and friends can help create a healthy social sphere.

Also, thanks to golf’s handicap system, parents can compete fairly with their kids by being equipped with golf clubs fitted for their size and experience; children, of course, would have to be fitted with children’s golf clubs while parents can be fitted for longer adult clubs.

Promoting Physical Fitness

A benefit that should never be underestimated is the exercise and physical training that playing golf requires.

A fun game of golf not only has the child playing outdoors and off the couch, but also allows them a good exercise.

Nutrition, physical conditioning and training are often integral parts to many kids golf programs.

Although in the “good ol days,” you probably saw golfers that didn’t look like they were exactly in peak condition, but the reality is that in order to play any sport well, your body should be in good physical condition.

Nowadays, as much as thirty percent of children are considered overweight. Playing golf as a low-impact cardio work-out and spending time outdoors can combat the possibility of weight gain in your child.

By participating in golf, your child will become the beneficiary of good health and lifestyle choices.