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Picture Asking If Golf Driver is too Loud

Golf Driver Too Loud? Here’s What To Do!

Let’s take a look at why Drivers have become so loud over the past couple of decades and how they can actually damage your hearing because of their materials and design

Do You Need A Glove To Play Golf

Can You Play Golf Without A glove?

There are some players, including a few Professional Golfers, who play without a glove. In this article we will take a look at the reasons why you would or wouldn’t choose to wear a glove.

How to Play A Fairway Bunker Shot

How To Play A Fairway Bunker Shot

Rich takes us through the fundamentals of playing a fairway bunker shot, and gives some tips to help make sure you take ball before sand.

Developing A Pre-Shot Routine

Developing A Pre-Shot Routine

Even if you have great mechanics to hit a great drive it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to make a great shot.