What Causes A Shank

What Causes A Shank

The Shank is probably the worse fault any golfer could have. So let’s find out exactly what causes a shank

the power of decisions in golf

The Power Of Decisions

Making decisions can be very powerful and put you on the road to change instantly. Its time for you to decide.

ground force in the golf swing

Ground force

The upper body builds energy as the lower body provides resistance ready for the club to be propelled forward and provide energy to the ball.

Set up In The Putting Stroke

The Putting Set Up

Let’s start at the very beginning with the set up for a classic putting stroke

holistic approach in golf

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to better shots really means focusing on other elements that can be improved, other than the actual movement of hitting the golf ball.

Alignment in the bunker

Alignment In The Bunker

Getting the alignment correct is the first key step to playing great Bunker Shots.. Try to keep things Simple!