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I have read many articles castigating Tiger for his infidelities. But is he really any different to many others who have gone before him and doubtless, others who will act in the same way in the future? Let’s face it, infidelity in marriage is fairly commonplace today but many people don’t like to admit that it’s part of everyday life.

The same can be said of divorce – almost one in 2 marriages end that way in the US and about 40% in the UK and infidelity is responsible in a large number of cases.

But why should we be surprised that the top sportsman in the world, in prime physical condition and wildly successful to boot, should have a large libido?? Look back in history. It is reputed that soldier Napoleon Bonaparte and poet Robbie Burns had enormous sexual appetites. In recent times it was reported that Ralph Halpern who turned The Burton Group into a huge retail success story in the UK was a ‘5 times a night’ man with his 19-year old model mistress. Lucky old bugger I say!! Chance would be a fine thing.

Even more recently it was suggested that former British Prime Minister John Major had an affair with Edwina Currie (former Conservative MP and a good-looking lady to boot). My comment at the time was that his popularity and stock would have gone up (if you pardon the expression!!) if this had been common knowledge whilst he was in office. Certainly much of the male population would have had more respect for him.

Many sportsmen in the US and UK have been guilty of extra-marital flings so why should Tiger have been singled out for ‘special’ treatment. It can only be because he portrayed a whiter than white (sorry Tiger!) image and it was perceived that everything he did was perfect. But tell me, who on earth could have lived up to that?

Far be it for me to condone his behaviour but it is his own personal problem and he has had to deal with it in his own way. His sexual energy is part of who he is – it would just have been better (and cheaper!!) if he had been single. Nobody could have said a word then. It also must be galling for Tiger as I am sure that he knows other players who have not been 100% faithful to their spouses whilst on tour.

But who are we to judge others? Do we all live blameless lives? Or are we jealous of Tiger’s success in his career? How many men could resist attractive ladies throwing themselves at them? Best we concentrate on Tiger’s golf now!

I cannot wait for the 2011 season as I expect Tiger to be back to his best and win at least one major, provided he has the appetite to play. I think his intent was underlined at The Ryder Cup in October when he was the star of the US Team. If he channels his energy into his golf once more then he will be the man to beat.

Go to it Tiger and good luck.

Happy Golfing  – Roger

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