18 Holes Solo – How to Plan a Golfing Holiday on Your Own

What happens if your dream is to spend your holiday golfing in beautiful sunny surroundings, but none of your friends have the time, resources or inclination to go with you? Even if you tempt them with the more-than-relaxing and picturesque Algarve region of Portugal, you still draw a blank!

Many people are worried that going on holiday alone means that everyone else will think that they are sad and lonely. However, this is not true at all. Solo travel means that you get to call all of the shots and plan your holiday exactly how you want it, which can be incredibly rewarding.

You don’t have to let your lack of travel companions hold you back from having a great golfing holiday. It is possible to go on a golfing holiday on your own and have a great time enjoying the beaches, cuisine, resorts and golf courses in the stunning region of Portugal for example.

Although golf is fun when it is played in a group, it can be equally entertaining when played alone. Playing by yourself will allow you to have a quicker game which will give you the opportunity to hone your skills without worrying about being watched by an audience.

Here are some tips for planning a golf holiday in on your own:

  • When you are booking your accommodations in advance, make sure that you aren’t being charged extra at the resort as a “single supplement”.
  • If you want the resort to be less busy so that you can enjoy some peace and quiet, book during the off season. If you want the chance to chat to people and make new friends, travel during the peak season in the summer.
  • Bring a book, magazine or Kindle with you so that you have something to do while waiting for your food at the restaurants and cafes and you don’t feel awkward.
  • When you are golfing, pick a longer course with 18 holes or more. A nine-hole course works well for groups of golfers but you will move through the holes quicker so you can play more.
  • If you can choose an earlier tee time you can beat the crowds and have the golf course all to yourself.
  • When you are playing by yourself you might not want to make the long walks between each hole. You can rent a golf cart to get across far distances faster.
  • When you are playing alone, use the opportunity to try out new golf clubs, strategies and techniques for hitting the ball. You could find a new strategy which works better than your old methods!
  • Remember that even though there is no one around to catch you when you are cheating, it will not help you improve your game.
  • If you feel like making a new friend and playing a round of golf with someone else, you can check in advance with the golf course. They might be able to pair you up with a single player or let you join a group.
  • When having a drink in the clubhouse after a round of golf, don’t be afraid to sit at the bar and strike up a conversation with someone else. It can be a great opportunity to make a new friend and have a nice chat.

If your friends can’t come with you on a golfing holiday, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the golf courses and beaches of this amazing destination. When you set up your own holiday you will have the chance to do exactly what you want and enjoy the pleasures of golfing in the warm sunshine as much as you please.

Go ahead and book a holiday at Four Seasons Fairways all on your own! Here are some tips for a solo golfing holiday.

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